[Act 2] [Scene 7] [Great Hall]

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Re: [Act 2] [Scene 7] [Great Hall]

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"You little Catalan bastard.." growled Giorgio, shaking off his surprised stupor. His face contorted into something resembling anger before going in for a massive bear hug, his suspicions of sorcery temporarily belayed at the sight of his friend. A sharp pain in his wound prompted Giorgio to put the man back down.

"You're just full of surprises boy!" Giorgio clapped him on the back a little too hard. "Welcome back to the land of the living. It's a damn shame though, I had the best eulogy written for you and everything."
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Re: [Act 2] [Scene 7] [Great Hall]

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Ferran silently laments for his friend's ill-timed intervention. Still he is moved by his - not so gentle - display of friendship.

"You won't get rid of Ferran that easily mate!" says Ferran in pretended anger, then breaks into a hearty laugh. "Still, there's no sense in writing eulogies Giorgio. Of all people" - the Catalan casts a side glance to Giovanni's men as well - "you should know better."

Still he won't let Gasparo off the hook that easily. He takes another sip of soup, drinks some water, then adresses the man again with a sly smile. "So what says you senor? Would you be kind as to help me in this endeavor?"
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Re: [Act 2] [Scene 7] [Great Hall]

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He had been somewhat pleased with the interruption, but at least the Catalan's question came to a narrow-enough point that custom did not require him to say much of himself. Instead he nearly nodded his ascent. "I suspect we can make some arrangements. I'm sure Maestro Giovanni would not object. We have quite the collection, here. When you are feeling up to it, I'll give you a tour."
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