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Fecht Club Preview Release

Posted: 29 Apr 2020, 22:45
by Agamemnon
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Just in time for Thursday, I'm releasing the Fecht Club preview build. For those outside of our discord server, Fecht Club is a channel where players get together and challenge each other to duels, both for their own personal glory and to test out the combat system for the game. The players in that community have done wonders in propelling the game along and really helping those systems mature into something we are all extremely proud of.

This release will be the largest update to the combat system since the original Sword & Scoundrel launch. A lot of things have been rebalanced, systems have been tweaked, and a number of things have been added whole cloth. The pdfs here contain everything you need to get started testing melee combat and its associated systems:
- An all new armor codex
- Rebalanced weapon codices with new options
- A new system for playing with weapon reach
- Revised text in the combat section to make learning easier
- New and rebalanced maneuvers
- Rebalanced Wound Tables
- An updated Dueling sheet, form-fillable so you can get started now.

To anyone who hasn't joined the fecht club before, I invite you to join our discord and get started. Our community loves getting new folks involved, and there's plenty of people around to help you learn.

Thank you again to all of my patrons. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible.

- Brooks

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Re: Fecht Club Preview Release

Posted: 30 Apr 2020, 08:57
by thorgarth
Now to dig into the system.