Fecht Club 0.3.1 Update

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Fecht Club 0.3.1 Update

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This month's end-of-month post brings us updates to the fecht-club docs released last time. I've taken the feedback you guys offered and made some changes accordingly. I'm also happy to announce that in addition to the edits made for clarity, we've done some pretty significant updates to the content itself, including:
  • A substantial overhaul to the blade codex, allowing you significantly more options for customization and personality of the weapon.
  • Tweaks to the hafted codex to reflect changes with blades, as well as some minor tweaks to help differentiate weapons.
  • Rewriting and separation of the armor traits for clarity and ease of reference, as well as a minor balance adjustment to maille.
  • The return of several old favorite maneuvers, including Feint and Wrap
  • The inclusion of the Encumbrance rules for clarity where they apply to our fecht-club scenarios.
  • Rebalanced wound charts, presented as a two-page pdf spread for ease of reference on the computer.
  • An updated fecht-club character sheet with both adjusted wound wheel outcomes and an upraded armor dummy that both indicates which locations can be bypassed via pinpoint and gives you space to record secondary AVs where necessary.
We've gotten close to having this system about as polished as it can be. Assuming nothing here is broken, the next step is to finish the DTRPG document update.

I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support.

(Download the files here!)
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Re: Fecht Club 0.3.1 Update

Post by thorgarth »

Thanks for the updated Agamemnon.
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