Baby Steps and Emphases

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Baby Steps and Emphases

Post by Korbel »

Certain Proficiencies (Longsword, Pole-arms, Sword&Buckler and Sword&Shield) rely on Advanced Maneuvers to use their Emphasis. Here are my propositions how to change the emphases to fit with Baby Steps (when you're using only Basic Maneuvers):

Expulsion free of AC. Maybe the cost of Wraps could be reduced too, to give you more benefits?
(in my game we were using this: "advantage for the next tempo after a successful Parry")

Just like with Mass Weapons, Power Swings boosted.

Feints free of AC (of this initial 1 point). Maybe something more?

Tricky. Maybe you should get access to the Shield Bash Advanced Maneuver (with advantage I suppose), as an exception?

Or maybe the solutions are already there, ready to be published?
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Re: Baby Steps and Emphases

Post by Marras »

Could be, or it was not thought to be a problem? To me baby steps is just like learning wheels, you use those for a while before you ditch them for the real thing.
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Re: Baby Steps and Emphases

Post by taelor »

If you're gonna play with the baby step rules in place, and a player wanted to take a proficiency with an advanced maneuver in its emphasis, I'd probably exempt that specific maneuver. I'd probably encourage them to pick a different proficiency until we're no longer in baby steps mode.
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Re: Baby Steps and Emphases

Post by higgins »

Yeah, just ignore emphasis when using baby steps. If they want access to emphases, it's a good motivation for them to read the rest of the advanced maneuvers as well! ;)
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