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Re: Star Wars

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I note a distinct lack of several characters in the Samurai one - particularly Darth Vader...

But yeah; only Jedi being able to deflect blaster bolts makes perfect sense, and I'd be fine with that. Given what's been mentioned regarding combat, I'd suggest that if a Jedi is attacked in melee in the same turn as he deflects blaster shots, he should have a reduced combat pool - that is, if he deflects prior to combat, he should have a lower combat pool in the first round of melee, while if he deflects after, he should only have whatever combat pool he finished the melee with to do so. Making shooting a Jedi easier when he's distracted by other things - which makes sense.
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Re: Star Wars

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The character's aren't missing, they just aren't all in the picture. Check out the guy's site. He has quite a few interesting custom pieces.

As far as any mechanics are concerned, I can think of a couple ways we could handle it, but I don't necessarily want to openly speculate too much on the subject until the beta opens up so that A) you have context and B) I won't look silly if we wind up changing something between now and then!
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