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Personal Update

Post by Agamemnon »

I've been radio silent for a little while, so I figured I'd take some time to check in.

You may recall that the last release was delayed due to some medical nonsense. It's nothing serious, but it is something that has put me on some more-or-less permanent medication. The latter has been throwing me for a loop and it's taken some adjusting in the time since. I have thus had my plate filled just keeping up on pays-the-bills writing. Meanwhile, Higgins has been swamped with school work.

The good news is that I'm feeling a bit better, overall, and I'm slowly adjusting to the new routine. With luck, I'll be able to put some solid time into game stuff before long. Our discord has also picked up a small following as well.

Thanks for sticking around, guys.
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Re: Personal Update

Post by Marras »

It takes time to get used to medication (of course depending on what meds you have to take). I'm glad you are feeling better but things like this come first, this is just a hobby after all. Thanks for the sit rep!

Get well!
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Re: Personal Update

Post by Meoring »

Glad to see you're good, Agamemnon !
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Re: Personal Update

Post by EinBein »

Aye, all the best to health and education 8-)
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Re: Personal Update

Post by Benedict »

Figured as much. Well, RL comes first, all else follow. Glad to know both of you are ok. :)

Agamemnon wrote:Thanks for sticking around, guys.
Heh. You won't get rid of us that easily. :twisted:
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