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Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 10 May 2016, 13:32
by thirtythr33

Murmillo Triumphus issues a challenge to any worthy opponent! Face me in the gladiatorial arena if you dare!

To roll dice join this Roll20 game:

Character Summary:
St 4, Ag 3, Sm 4, Sp 4, Ac 2, Cu 4, Wp 3, Sc 2

Combat Pool
Sword & Shield 15
Daggers 13
Wrestling 11
Grabbing 11
Default 10

Gladius: 1c/1p Short
Pugio: 0c/0p Close
Scutum: 0b TFN6, Arm+3, Boss, Destructible
Favoring Chest, Belly, Thigh unless otherwise stated.

AV4: Face, Crown, Shins (Metal, Rigid)
AV3: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Elbow, Forearm (all Right arm only) (Metal)
AV2: Abs, Hips
AV1: Groin

My full Character Sheet: ... o.pdf?dl=0

Blank Character Sheet if you need: ... e.pdf?dl=0

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 11 May 2016, 09:11
by Korbel
Seems like you need a hoplomachus to kick your ass?


Give me some time, I'll make one.


OK, so my gladiator is very similar to 33's murmillo, with these exceptions:

ST 3, AG 4

Spear (one-handed, 2p, extended) instead of Gladius
Buckler (FTN 6, Arm only, Boss and Metal Faced) instead of Scutum

padding AV 2 on my thighs and knees

Spears 9 (total 16)
Daggers 7 (total 14)
Brawling (striking) 6 (total 13)

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 11 May 2016, 11:47
by thirtythr33
Heres a slightly abridged (edited out some book checking) transcript of the game so far.

[Summary so we remember where we finished:
2nd tempo, 2 dice left for Korbel, 7 dice left for Triumphus.
Korbel has initiative, Triumphus has Reach Advantage
Korbel has Wound level 2 to Chest, impact has worn off.]
Triumphus (GM): ready to throw some dice?

Triumphus (GM): So! initiative!
roll on count of 3?
Korbel .: OK, you count
Triumphus (GM): 1

Korbel . threw Red 1

Triumphus (GM) threw White 3
Triumphus (GM): sweet
so you start with reach control and initiative
you can choose to do a Positioning Roll (to be able to ignore Favoring) or go straight to attacking me
Korbel .: how is your neck protected?
Triumphus (GM): its not
helmet covers crown and face. Shield favoring chest belly and thigh
Korbel .: so I believe a Precision Thrust to the neck would be appriorate, because why not
12 dice, so 10 after AC, if I'm right
Triumphus (GM): so precision thrust doesnt let you auto hit neck, it lets you move your result on the wheel if you hit
Korbel .: yeah, I need to get some MoS to hit neck
let's try it
Triumphus (GM): ok, i will block with 9 dice

Korbel . rolls 2 successes for Precision Thrust.
Korbel .: WHAAAT?!?!?!
Triumphus (GM): haha

Triumphus (GM) rolls 5 successes for block.
Korbel .: o man, this shit ain't real!!!
fuck me :D
Triumphus (GM): okay, i succeed so i get initiative!
i use my 7 dice left to thrust at your chest!
Korbel .: second
Triumphus (GM): you have 8 dice left i think
Korbel .: yeah
I'll counter with my 8 dice
Triumphus (GM): so 6 dice, 2 for AC
Korbel .: yeah

Triumphus (GM) rolls 3 successes for thrust!.

Korbel . rolls 2 successes for Counter.
Triumphus (GM): YAAAAS
Korbel .: not my lucky day
Triumphus (GM): okay, 1 MOS to chest, ill roll 1d6 (starting at top) to see where it lands
rolling 1d6
= 1

Triumphus (GM): Thrust so it's RIBS
So im doing 1MOS + 4Str +1P sword vs 4Sta for 2 damage total
Thats: Long, shallow wound along the ribs. No additional effect. (just 2 impact and BTN7 now)
Korbel .: very, very bad
Triumphus (GM): Also, I keep initiative and now have Reach control
Korbel .: yeah, I'm now at 14 dice and TN 7

Triumphus (GM): I will 9 dice Shield bash! (I get advantage for sword & shield)
*Shield Push, sorry. to Chest
Korbel .: OK, so Block for 8 dice

Triumphus (GM) rolls 3 successes for Shield Push.

Korbel . rolls 5 successes for block.
Korbel .: oh my God!
Triumphus (GM): ha
you get init
Korbel .: mu buckler is much better than the spear!
If I only knew this before...
what is the reach of the buckler?
Triumphus (GM): shields dont count for reach
higgins made a rules clarification for it on the forum. you never count shields for anything reach related
Korbel .: ah, yes
you're right
anyway, I swing my buckler at your head
Triumphus (GM): how many dice is it?
Korbel .: 6, I believe
no AC
Triumphus (GM): okay, I block with 6 dice

Korbel . rolls 2 successes for buckler swing.

Triumphus (GM) rolls 3 successes for block.
Korbel .: meh
OK, refresh
Triumphus (GM): okay, I Power Swing at your Belly for 9 dice
(17 -9 -1AC = 7 dice left)
Korbel .: sorry, I can't check
I want to Deflect and Strike
so it was a Block and an attack?
Triumphus (GM): ac2, can only use unaugmented Parry or Block and gives a follow up attack (an attack with dice equal to your MOS)
Korbel .: OK
I have nothing to lose, let's go with it - 12 dice
Triumphus (GM): awesome

Triumphus (GM) rolls 8 successes for STAB.

Korbel . rolls 11 successes for deflect and strike.
Triumphus (GM): omg
Korbel .: LOL
it's the best roll I've ever seen
Triumphus (GM): okay, you get a follow up attack with 3 dice
and I cant defend it
Korbel .: OK, I must think
it must be good
Triumphus (GM): mmm
Korbel .: a game-changer
Triumphus (GM): since you dont have enough to do real damage, try for something like Grab or Trip maybe? (i dont get any dice to defend)
Korbel .: yeah, I was thinking about Trip
Triumphus (GM): you take 2ac from your 3 dice, you have to get it on 1 dice
but 1 success is enough to put me on my ass
Korbel .: yeah, but I'm still at TN7
Triumphus (GM): mmm
Korbel .: risky
give me second :)
Triumphus (GM): grab works well too, you will still have initiative for next tempo
(you have 2 dice left for next tempo i think)
Korbel .: yeah, 2
I cant remember - if I trip you what happens with reach?
Triumphus (GM): you set it to your reach
Korbel .: yeah, that would be great
fuck, I'm sorry, I will have to go :(
Triumphus (GM): but you dont get the dice until next phrase (I might win it back in next tempo)
can we finish this phrase so we know where we got to?
Korbel .: OK, 1 dice Trip
Triumphus (GM): cool
Korbel . rolls 0 successes for trip.
Korbel .: yeah, fan-ta-stic
Triumphus (GM): ok 2nd tempo you have 2 dice left (i have 7)
Korbel .: it is not the best situation for me
but sorry, I must go
Triumphus (GM): ok cya!

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 11 May 2016, 14:28
by higgins
Korbel, decent tactics, but you definitely need to roll better! :lol:

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 11 May 2016, 14:56
by thirtythr33
His luck came back in the later rounds. He rolled 11 successes on 12 dice at TN7!

Only reason that didn't wreck me is because I somehow managed to roll 8 successes on 9 dice on the same attack.

*grumbles something about roll20's random number generator*

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 11 May 2016, 15:05
by Korbel
Yeah, some rolls were crazy. It's kinda strange. And you're right, higgins, I need to roll better! But I could've play smarter, also. For example this counter in second tempo was not the best idea.

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 11 May 2016, 16:39
by thirtythr33
Part 2!

Find out who Triumphs!
Korbel .: I must say I don't know, what to do
situation is not advantageous
Triumphus (GM): your allowed to pass initiative
Korbel .: yeah, I was thinking about this
and hope I don't get hurt
so, your init
Triumphus (GM): you pass?
Korbel .: yes
Triumphus (GM): ok, 6 dice power swing to belly
Korbel .: easy, I'll get 3 or 4 successes on my block.. with 2 dice ;)
Triumphus (GM): i was going to attack from defense there anyway so i think you did the right thing

Triumphus (GM) rolls 4 successes for swing!.
Korbel .: yeah, I need a defensive action to be able to disengage next tempo
OK, my block is...

Korbel . rolls 2 successes for block.
Korbel .: quite nice
as for two dice :D
Triumphus (GM): so 2 MOS +1c for sword +1DR for power swing + 4 Str - 4 Stam = level 4 wound
- any armor i hit on belly
for location
rolling 1d6
= 4
so -2 = level 2 wound
Korbel .: yeah, level 2 is not very bad
in these circumstances... :D
Triumphus (GM): Surface wound. Painful, but nothing serious.
but you take 4 impact this time because its cutting
Korbel .: yeah
OK, next phrase
Triumphus (GM): i have 15 + 2 reach dice and you have 16 - 4
Korbel .: OK, what are you going to do now?
Triumphus (GM): 10 dice Shield Push to Head
it is at advantage from Sword & Shield style
Korbel .: I'd like to Disengage
don't have the rules atm
it was fixed TN5? or something?
Triumphus (GM): it is FTN5, cant be used right after an attack (which is fine)
Korbel .: OK, this is my choice
hmmm... it creates a pause in combat, so I can use all of my dice?
Triumphus (GM): Yeah, its pretty smart
and next round you wont have 4 impact
Korbel .: and I will regain Reach Control
Triumphus (GM): ooooh yes
Korbel .: am I missing something or it is too easy?
Triumphus (GM): i dont know, that does seem very good
but it makes sense
Korbel .: so... 12 dice for disengage
Triumphus (GM): k
Korbel .: Maybe I will succeed? ;)

Triumphus (GM) rolls 8 successes for shield push.

Korbel . rolls 8 successes for disengage.
Triumphus (GM): bwah
Korbel .: OK, the crowd encourages us to fight again, so count 123 and we roll init ;)
Triumphus (GM): 1

Korbel . threw Red 4

Triumphus (GM) threw Red 1
Korbel .: fuck
Triumphus (GM): huh weird it didnt click
so we resolve simultaneously :D

Triumphus (GM): first i have to make my attack declairation
Korbel .: ah, yes, sorry
Triumphus (GM): 9 dice Bind & Strike (1AC and advantage from Sword & Shield) = 5 dice remaining
to Chest
Korbel .: I'm at 20 dice, right?
Triumphus (GM): Yup
Korbel .: 10 dice Precision Thrust (preferably to your naked neck) and 10 dice to increase my Contest of Speed
Triumphus (GM): Ugh
ill put 5 dice to contest of speed

Triumphus (GM) rolls 4 successes for SPEED.
Triumphus (GM): oh god im dead
Korbel .: wait for my roll, knowing my luck...

Korbel . rolls 5 successes for contest of speed.
Triumphus (GM): UUUUHH
i would have won the tie too
Korbel .: Ok, let's see if I can stab your neck
because nothing is certain with this roller
Triumphus (GM): so its only an 8 dice attack right? 2ac for precision thrust
Korbel .: yeah, exactly

Korbel . rolls 2 successes for Precision Thrust.
Triumphus (GM): O_O
Korbel .: my god
Triumphus (GM): roll20 so rigged
but its +2p +3Str
so you can shift 2 places on the wheel
you can get to neck on any roll
so thats level 3 wound to neck
Pierced above the collarbone, missing major blood vessels. BL1
Triumphus (GM): Impact 3, BTN8
now my attack :D
Korbel .: unfortanately, yes...
do your worse
Triumphus (GM): so my attack drops from 9 to 6

Triumphus (GM) rolls 5 successes for swing!.
Korbel .: impossibel
Triumphus (GM): HAR HAR HAR
Korbel .: fuck this roll20! :D
Triumphus (GM): but thats just the mos for the follow up attack
since i did bind&strike
so i now get to make a 5 dice attack
Korbel .: exactly
Triumphus (GM): TN8 :(
I drop my gladius... and use Grab & Throw
Korbel .: throw me? why? I don't want to be thrown
Triumphus (GM): So i have grabbing so grab doesnt have activation cost
so its just straight 5 dice at TN8
Korbel .: OK, roll your grab

Triumphus (GM) rolls 0 successes for THROW.
Triumphus (GM): okay im dead

Korbel .: nice
Triumphus (GM): so next phrase, you have initiative and reach and I have no weapon
Korbel .: dead? why?
and your pugio?
Triumphus (GM): I have to win a contest of speed to draw it
positioning roll
Korbel .: yeah, positioning roll
Triumphus (GM): your at 20 dice, im at 12
Korbel .: I was just going to ask
12 dice is not too bad
Triumphus (GM): your init
Korbel .: when do you declare you want a Positioning roll?
Triumphus (GM): dont want
Korbel .: OK
Triumphus (GM): scutum does just as much damage
Korbel .: sorry, give me a second
Ok, im back
so, maybe to make things more interesting
I'll try the Beat against your scutum
Triumphus (GM): ew, how many dice?
Korbel .: 12-2=10
Triumphus (GM): uhhh

Korbel . rolls 5 successes for Beat.
Triumphus (GM): whoa i need to say how many dice im using
and stuff
Korbel .: sorry, accident
Triumphus (GM): actually, im doing no defence
Korbel .: OK, good
Triumphus (GM): so my shield is restrained and you have init for 2nd tempo
Korbel .: yes
Triumphus (GM): i 12 dice disengage :D
Korbel .: yeah, this is what I expected
so, let's circle each other
but the arena demand blood
Triumphus (GM): you dont attack?
you just let me run away?
Korbel .: yup
Triumphus (GM): okay i draw my pugio
roll init on 3
Korbel .: OK
Triumphus (GM): 2

Korbel . threw White 6

Triumphus (GM) threw White 6
Triumphus (GM): the gladiators continue to circle eachother
Korbel .: OK, I go home and you bleed to death :D
Triumphus (GM): :(
Korbel .: count, please
Triumphus (GM): so reroll init on 3

Korbel . threw Red 6

Triumphus (GM) threw White 1
Im back at 15 dice now

Triumphus (GM): yeah maybe i get impatient and click too much
Korbel .: OK, I'll go classic with a 12d Precision Thrust
Triumphus (GM): actually i have 13 dice since im using dagger now
so I think im going to preempt
Korbel .: nice
Triumphus (GM): and add 10 dice to speed
Korbel .: and what attack?
Triumphus (GM): grab & throw for 3 dice
no activation because I have brawling grab
Korbel .: Ok, so rest of my dice to Contest
that is 8

Triumphus (GM) rolls 6 successes for SPEED.
Korbel .: so I'm at... 12
Triumphus (GM): no your 11
Korbel .: I'm advantaged?
Triumphus (GM): 3 speed 8 dice, TN6 (advantage and BTN7 from wound)

Korbel . rolls 8 successes for CoS.
Triumphus (GM): GG

Korbel .: as I said, this roller is crazy
no one can be sure, even with 10 dice against no defense
so I'll keep my fingers crossed
Triumphus (GM): ha
Korbel .: 10 dice Precision Thrust

Korbel . rolls 7 successes for Precision Thrust.

Re: Gladiatorial Arena!

Posted: 12 May 2016, 09:03
by Korbel
There's one thing that haunts me... When I did my Disengage, it was 8 successes vs 8 successes. Does Disengage work (I mean, pause the combat and all) on a tie? It is said: "On a success, you break away (...)", but actually I didn't accomplish a "full success" with a defensive maneuver, because a tie doesn't give me initiative.