Sword & Scoundrel v0.1.4

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Re: Sword & Scoundrel v0.1.4

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higgins wrote:
Benedict wrote:Some "complaints":
  • Flame/Wave pattern blades will be included in a later update?
What!? It took Matt a whole WEEK before posting a video about what we've been discussing? Usually it's just a couple of days.

But then again, he's cranking out more videos now and can schedule them ahead of time regardless of filming date. Yup. That's my take on it. :twisted:

I saw that, got excited, then got sad when I realized he wasn't actually going to answer us.

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Re: Sword & Scoundrel v0.1.4

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The round shield in the Example Shield Table is listed as Bulk 1; as a Medium (Arms+2) shield, this should be Bulk 2. The Rodela is listed as costing r2, should be r3 (r1 base, +1 for medium size, +1 for steel).
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